PROLOG contest

We invite you to participate in the PROLOG Supply Chain Academy Student Contest


SCM ACADEMY Student Competition is being held for the ninth time, and the winners will be recognized at the Logistics Seminar. The organizers (PROLOG and Logistics Club) are committed to contributing to the development of future professionals in the supply chain. We have expanded our previous essay contest. Essay is no more defined format. Be creative and submit your work regarding to topics or problems in the field of logistics. An example of expected formats: essay, video, miniature, model etc. The subject matter is no limited and the competition is welcome in both Estonian and English. (For example: learing video about warehouse technology/warehouse logistics; essay ‘’Future jobs in the supply chain’’ or mobile app for monitoring work and rest time etc.).


* We kindly ask you to send your work to:, with a tag ‘’student competition,’’ no later than March 1, 2018.


The works submitted to the competition will be evaluated by an expert jury and the best ones will be announced at Logistics seminar (15.03.18). The main prize by PROLOG is a visitation to the IFPSM World Summit 2018 in Helsinki on September 27th for author or a group of authors of the best work.

The IFPSM conference is the gathering of world-class purchasing and supply chain executives and allows the student to learn the most important topics in purchasing logistics and get valuable contacts for the future.

The jury has the right to refuse to issue a main prize in the absence of corresponding high-level essays. PROLOG SCM ACADEMY aka the academy of supply chain management is a student competition – unique in this field in Estonia. The initiative to launch the competition came from PROLOG (Estonian Purchasing and Supply Chain Management) regarding the topicality of logistics and supply chain management.

The aim of the competition is to popularize student research and development in supply chain management and logistics; to encourage people to ask new questions, look for answers to them and share their answers with the public.

All great things start from the small ones. You too can contribute with participation! With the competition, we want to encourage students from different specialities to engage in research on supply chain management. In terms of organization, SCM Academy is an opportunity for both Estonian and foreign undergraduates, graduates, postgraduates and young researchers. This competition allows participants to demonstrate research in their field of supply chain management to a wider audience.

By creating a supportive environment, the SCM Academy allows to meet with various parties involved in supply chain management – students, academic staff, business sector. Opportunity to share ideas and develop them into promising projects in the field.


* In the submitted creative work, it is expected that the author (a group of authors) will have a concrete personal contribution.